Bride: Monique Chantelle Sparks, 33, Attorney

Groom: Nikki Gevonta Payne, 39, Managing Director of Accenture

Married On: May 4, 2013

Ceremony Location: Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church – Houston, TX

Reception Location: The Asia Society Museum – Houston, Texas

Wedding Style: Hollywood Glam

The Love Boat
Calling all single ladies looking for love: The next time you notice a gorgeous man staring your way, don’t be afraid to look back. Newlyweds Monique and Nikki found love at sea. They were both vacationing on the Tom Joyner Cruise and each time they passed each other they locked eyes and exchanged flirtatious glances. Tired of being subtle, they finally struck up a conversation and they quickly learned they had loads in common. “We were both from Houston, so, of course, we agreed to exchange numbers,” Monique tells us. When they arrived back in Houston. It took them almost a month to find a day they could both meet up, but their big date was well worth the wait.  “We instantly hit it off, and the rest is history,” she adds.

I Can’t Wait
Nikki couldn’t even wait a year to ask Monique to be his wife. Nine months into their relationship, they took a weekend trip together to Chicago. They planned to relax and enjoy as much sightseeing as possible. On the day before their trip ended, while they were packing up their things, Nikki casually asked Monique what her vision for their future was. She began to answer his question but out of the corner of her eye she noticed something magical was happening. Nikki had gotten down on bended knee and he had an engagement ring in his hand. She said yes and was overjoyed to learn that Nikki had already asked her father and brother-in-law for their permission. They spent their last day in Chicago as a happily engaged couple and one year later they met at the altar in a glamorous and romantic ceremony to be remembered. See their beautiful wedding day and share the love!

Photos: Binford Creative Photography