Bride: Michele Nicole Miller, 34, Attorney

Groom: Kyrus Lamont Freeman, 38, Attorney

Married On: July 7, 2015

Wedding Location: Spring House, Pennsylvania

Wedding Style: Classic Elegance

Amazing Beginnings
For soul mates Kyrus and Michele, it was ultimately a blind date that brought them together. In 2005 Michele met Joan, another attorney who worked in the same building that she did at the time. She’d been through a lot of ups and downs with the Philadelphia dating scene and had decided to take a break. Many years later, in 2013, Joan asked Michele if she would consider dating a good friend of hers from law school named Kyrus. “She told me she thought we would make a great match,” says Michele. Two months later Joan asked if she could give him Michele’s number. Michele reluctantly agreed. It would go one to become one of the gest decisions she ever made. “When I spoke with him, it felt like I knew him for years,” she tells us. “It was amazing. I never spoke with anyone like that before.  I had recently had a daughter in 2011 and did not know how it would be to date again.” Kyrus followed up their magical phone calls with an invitation to go out on a date. “He said, ‘Michele Nicole Miller, will you go out on a date with me?’ and  I was so happy and scared at the same time,” she recalls. “I said yes and we set a date for July 5, 2013 to meet in person.  It was absolutely amazing!”

Famous Firsts
One the one year anniversary of their first date, Kyrus asked Michele out to a night on the town in Washington, D.C. He asked his sister to watch he daughter so that she could also sneak in a little rest and relaxation. “I was so happy just to be with him and take a break for the night,” she recalls. She wasn’t expecting the romantic proposal that was planned for her that evening. After a romantic dinner they got in the car to head home, only instead Kyrus asked her if she’d walked with him around the Jefferson memorial at night. She happily obliged. “We walked to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, which is one of my favorites because of the white marble steps and the grand statute of Thomas Jefferson inside,” she tells us. “When we walked up to the monument this time, it was different.  I noticed a door under the steps of the monument and in my true Michele Miller fashion, I said, ‘let’s go through that door.’” Inside the door, there was an entire museum they never even knew was there. As they enjoyed the exhibits all Michele knew was that she was already having a fantastic time. Eventually they walked over to the Potomac and then sat by the river. The night was clear and peaceful. Kyrus then turns and asks his love, “Michele, what would make this night better?” She laughed a little and jokingly said, “Fireworks!”  But to her, the night was already perfect. “I know what would make this night better…this,” said Kyrus as he pulled out a diamond engagement ring. “It sparkled in the moonlight,” she remembers.  “I was so shocked. I could not believe it.” After happily accepting Kyrus’ proposal, Michele was convinced it was truly the most magical night ever. See their romantic “I dos” and share their love!

Photos: Encompass Photography

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