Bride: Memory Baker, 30, IT Consultant

Groom: Stanley Johnson, 33, Teacher and Athletic Coach

Married On: September 1, 2012

Wedding Location: Belle Meade Plantation, Nashville, TN

Wedding Style: Southern Elegance

Love On Display
When Memory decided to attend a weekend museum crawl with a friend, she never expected that she’d be meeting the man of her dreams. As fate would have it, Stanley decided to spend his afternoon museum-hopping with buddies, too. Memory’s friend knew some of Stanley’s friends and their mutual pals introduced them. The museum turned out to be a bust, but they were so happy to have met one another that they hardly cared. “Stanley always likes to say, ‘I met my wife in a place I would never go back to,’” Memory tells us. “He says I shook his hand so hard that he felt like he had just made a business deal. I really just didn’t want him to think that I was flirting!”  Only she was flirting — and shortly afterward, she was making first-date plans with her future husband.

The Answer to My Prayers
Two years into their courtship, Memory and Stanley decided to take a Labor Day weekend trip to Washington, D.C. After a romantic day in the city followed by a delicious dinner, the couple headed back to their hotel to prepare for bed. Memory, who never skips a prayer, dropped to her knees beside the bed. When she was done, she opened her eyes to find Stanley right in front of her on bended knee. “You know I’m a simple man, and I wanted to make sure that I asked you to marry me in the most pure, private, and simplest moment of the day — right after your prayers,” he said. “Will you marry me?” Memory was overcome with joy. “At that very moment, I knew that God not only answered my prayer, but he delivered this blessing to me at the most sincere moment. I was excited and very humbled that he asked for my hand in marriage at such a private moment.“ See their lovely outdoor wedding ceremony and share their love!

Photos: Matt Andrews Photography