Bride: Melanie Monique Smith, 27, Event Planner

Groom: Dwayne Douglas Young, 43, CEO

Married On: June 1, 2013

Wedding Location: Castle Hill Pavilion, Florence, MS

Wedding Style: Vintage Chic

Love Walked Right In
Melanie was ready for a change when she decided to pack up and move from her hometown of Greenville, Mississippi back to Jackson. She transferred her job at Trustmark bank and she’d only been working at the new location for two days when an unforgettable customer came in. Sparks didn’t fly instantly, but she was intrigued. There was something strikingly different about the man who stood before her. His name was Dwayne and he shared a little bit of his story and then told her to Google him. “I would have thought that he was insane, but he carried himself with such importance,” she jokes. Dwyane’s approach was a little unconventional but it worked, and just like that, he and Melanie began dating.

Your Love Knocks Me Off My Feet
After a week of lunch dates, Melanie was still playing hard to get. She kept on telling Dwayne they could only be just friends, but he kept saying, “No, you’re going to be my wife.” She fell crazy in love with him and on her birthday he proved he’d been right about them all along when he popped the question on bended knee, and she accepted. They’d only been dating for six months, but Melanie knew this was right. “Dwayne was always there to comfort me as a friend and never tried to take control of me,” says Melanie. “I was able to just be free with him and I knew he had to be more than just a friend to and for me.” See the couple’s sweet vintage wedding and share their love.

Photos: Carlyn Photography