Bride: Maria Antoinette McNair, 33, HR Administrative Assistant

Groom: Andregus Jermaine Holmes, 33, Security Officer for Federal Government Contractor

The Big Day: April 12, 2014

Wedding Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Wedding Style: Traditional Elegance

College Connection
Many women meet their future husbands in college, even if they don’t fall in love until well beyond graduation. That was exactly how Maria and Andregus’ love story began. They first met in 1999, during their freshman year at Fayetteville State University in Fayetteville, North Carolina. She was a cheerleader and he was on the football team. As the school year progressed, they became associates and then one day after a funny dorm room prank left them sharing a huge laugh, and a true friendship was born. They remained just friends throughout college and lost touch after graduation. Thankfully, they reconnected on MySpace in 2008 and couldn’t wait to make up for lost time. When they learned they both had plans to attend the next homecoming celebration at their alma mater, Andregus and Maria made sure their paths would cross again while they were there. This time the moments they shared were magical and they both knew something bigger was going on. They officially became a couple the following year.

Let’s Make It Official
Four years into their relationship, Andregus and Maria were inseparable and ready to plan the next chapter in their life together. Andregus planned a sweet proposal at home that really caught Maria off guard. One evening, when she arrived home from work she found a gift bag waiting on the bed. At first Andregus joked that it wasn’t for her, but eventually he told her the truth—there was something special for her inside. She dug right in and found three sentimental gag gifts (her favorite) and a little white box that appeared too big to be hiding a ring. She opened it to find another ring box inside. “I opened it and immediately started to cry,” she recalls. “There was a note in the bag that read ‘Will you be Mrs. Holmes? Check YES, NO, or MAYBE.’” As she read the note, Andregus walked over to the side of the bed and got down on one knee. “Through tears I said yes, and he placed the ring on my finger and told me I had to check the ‘YES’ box on the note to make it official!” You bet she did. See their romantic Charlotte wedding day and share their love!

Photos: Ezekiel Best of Best Perspectives Photography