Bride: Makho Ndlovu, 33, Celebrity Blogger

Groom: Carl Hlazo, 40, Software Engineer

Married On: July 5, 2015

Wedding Location: Laurel Hall in Indianapolis, Indiana

Wedding Style: Traditional Elegance

Built To Last
Makho wasn’t looking for love when she bumped into Carl at a mutual friend’s home one day, and she certainly didn’t suspect to find it the way she did. Carl was only visiting Indianapolis for a weekend long soccer tournament and then he was headed back to his hometown of Dallas. She was just being friendly and introducing herself to all of the new people in the room. “Out of nowhere I spotted Carl perched on my friend’s bed watching a gospel DVD,” she recalls. “Even though there were several people in the living room my focus immediately turned to him, so I made my way towards him to say hello.” Sparks began to fly between them. Could this be love? “With my heart racing and palms sweating, I knew it wasn’t just the heat getting to me,” Makho recalls. They wound up hanging out all night, and when Carl returned to Dallas they promised to keep in touch. “We became fast friends and over time our friendship blossomed into a wonderful romance,” Makho shares. It was a long distance love, but they were both more than happy to put in the work if it meant they could remain as happy and blessed as they felt when they found each other.

Happily Ever After Starts Here
Carl and Makho enjoy going out on date nights in New York City and often go out dancing or to try a new restaurant or museums. This one particular weekend they did all of that and more, so when Sunday rolled around Makho was beyond exhausted. Carl asked her out to dinner and she reluctantly agreed even though deep down inside she would have rather stayed in bed with Netflix and Chinese takeout that day. They left their Brooklyn apartment and walked a few blocks away to a Brazilian place they love. After dinner, she was ready to call it a night but he insisted that they enjoy a stroll in the snow. They walked to the Williamsburg waterfront in Brooklyn and stared at the breathtaking New York skyline. “It was there that Carl started waxing poetic about our relationship,” says Makho. “He turned me towards him as we stood inches apart and he spoke emphatically about how much he loved me, how glad he was he moved to New York and how much he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Before I could even comprehend what was going on, he pulled the ring out of his jacket and asked me to marry him.” So sweet! See their romantic wedding day and share their love!

Photos: Two Twenty