Bride: Courtney Hergus, 27, Tax Accountant

Groom: Segun B. Awokoya, 27, Business Analyst

Married On:  August 2, 2013

Wedding Location: Philadelphia, PA

Wedding Style: Modern Elegance

Lovers and Friends
Courtney and Segun became friends their sophomore year at Howard University. They met during a tae kwon class when she realized that she recognized him from around campus. They both knew a lot of the same people but they had never really been formally introduced. Their undeniable chemistry quickly led to a beautiful friendship that soon blossomed into love sweet love. “After a year of friendly flirting and getting to know each other better, he took me out on our first official date on my 21st birthday,” Courtney shares. “We have been together ever since!” 

A Homemade Moment
Since she and Segun had been together for almost five years, and things were going so well, Courtney had a hunch that an engagement was coming real soon. For Segun’s birthday, they planned a weeklong trip to the Poconos with a couple of friends. She thought he might pop the question sometime throughout the vacation festivities, but there was still no ring on her finger as they headed back home. (Yes, he had officially thrown her off!) When they returned home, she went upstairs to unpack and prepare for work the next day.

An hour later, Segun called out to her and asked her to join him downstairs. Intrigued, she came downstairs only to find that Segun had made an amazing feast for two for dinner and decorated the table with flowers and candles. “At this point, I was like, okay something is up, but I still didn’t know for sure since he was always doing romantic things out of the blue for me,” Courtney admits. “After dinner, when it came time for dessert, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.” Best dessert ever!

Their modern Philadelphia wedding style left us breathless. See their wedding day and share the love!

Photos: Jennifer Childress Photography