Bride: Katrina Johnson, 35, Multi-Media Account Manager – CBS Radio Atlanta

Groom: Keinon Johnson, 37, National Director of Urban Promotions – Interscope Records

Married Since: September 25, 2010

Location: Atlanta, GA

Wedding Style: Modern Rooftop Affair

Waiting For You
When you know, you just know. That’s how simple falling in love was for newlyweds Katrina and Keinon, who met at the local radio station where she works. He was in the lobby waiting to do business and she was just stepping off the elevator, headed outside. It was almost as if the world stopped just for them to notice one another. Katrina calls it a “crush at first site.”

The pair locked eyes, exchanged information, and found out they shared so much more than just a business connection. Before long, they were inseparable and madly in love.

“When I saw him that day I just thought he was the cutest thing on earth,” Katrina tells us. “I just knew that he would be The One.”

Two Thumbs Up
When they were dating, every weekend, like clockwork, Katrina and Keinon would go out to eat at a little neighborhood spot called Thumbs Up Diner.

“We called it our ‘dirty date’”, says Katrina. “We’d just wash our faces, brush our teeth, and go.”

One Sunday morning Keinon insisted they rush over to the diner. Normally they would sleep in, but he was seriously itching to go that morning so Katrina happily obliged. They got there, took their seats, and ordered their coffee. Things were pretty normal until Keinon did the unexpected. He stared into Katrina’s eyes and said, “I wanted us to come here today because this is our favorite spot where we can be ourselves. No frills, no makeup, no pretentiousness. A place where we can just be us.” Keinon said some other special things, but Katrina says once he slide the ring box across the table she sort of blacked out from the excitement. Her response? She gave him a double high-five then said accepted his heartfelt offer.

“The beauty of the day is that no one around us knew what was going on,” says Katrina. “People were having their breakfast and reading their morning papers, completely oblivious to the fact that the lives of the two people sitting next to them had just changed forever.”