Bride: Candace Benjamin, 31, Teacher

Groom: Thomas Van, 31, Program Manager

Married On: July 7th, 2012

Wedding Location: San Diego, CA

Wedding Style: Tropical Elegance

Lovers and Friends
The year was 2000, and Candace, a freshman at Hampton University, was walking home from a dance rehearsal.  She spotted her roommate talking with a group of guys and decided to walk over and say hello. She didn’t know it then, but one of them was her future husband. After proper introductions, Candace went on her way, but one of the men had already left an impression. “I couldn’t get the guy with the light brown eyes out of my head,” she says. His name was Thomas and that wouldn’t be their last encounter. “After that, we saw each other around campus a lot and hung out together in a group of mutual friends.” Slowly but surely their friendship grew stronger, even when summer break kept them apart. By sophomore year they were hanging out alone and things between them had taken a romantic turn. “We’ve been together ever since,” says Candace. “We were meant to be. We survived college, a two-year long distance relationship and my big move to the West Coast.”

A Decade of Love
To celebrate their 10th anniversary as a couple, Thomas took Candace out for a romantic rooftop dinner in San Diego where they live.  After their meal, they went out onto the terrace to take in the scenery and talk about their future. “It seemed like the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary night,” she tells us. That’s when Thomas took things to the next level. He pulled out an orange ring box (Candace’s favorite color!) and revealed her beautiful engagement ring. “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you,” he said. “Will you marry me?” Candace had the biggest smile on her face and she eagerly accepted. Their Caribbean-themed wedding was fabulous from start to finish. Share their love and see their incredible photos.

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