Bride: Lauren Colette Angus, 34, Program Assistant

Groom: Ronald Samuel Andrews, 34, Enterprise Manager

Married On: August 4, 2013

Wedding Location: Port St. Lucie, FL

Wedding Style: Destination

Lovers and Friends

Sometimes the best love for you can be hidden right under your nose. Lauren met Ron at church while she was home from college during her spring break. They became friends and kept in touch when she went back to Michigan to finish school. By the time graduation came around, and she moved back home to Virginia, they were closer than close. Ron had a crush on Lauren for some time, but she wasn’t there yet, so he did what any good man would do—he stuck around and focused on what was most important, being the best friend to her he could be. She moved away to Boston and they lost touch. Years later when they rekindled their friendship, something was different this time around. There were sparks between them and they both felt in their hearts that it was time to take their friendship to the next level.

Leave A Message

Ron and Lauren attended her cousin’s wedding in Maryland on Memorial Day weekend 2012. It was extra special because both of their families would be there to celebrate. The day after the wedding, they said goodbye to everyone and spent the day walking around Washington D.C.’s beautiful Georgetown neighborhood. Ron asked her to walk with him to a bench they liked to sit on because it held sentimental value for them. “It was a beautiful day,” Lauren recalls. On the way there he asked her to put on headphones and listen to some music. When Lauren pressed play, she began to hear old voicemail messages that she’d left Ron that he never deleted. “It was as though I was listening to a progression of our relationship,” she shares. “As we got to the bench and sat down, I finished listening to the last of the messages. When the last message came on, it was the voice of another woman saying, ‘Hello Ron this is Kay Jeweler’s, your ring is ready!’” Lauren looked over at him and began to scream. Ron was already on bended knee. She looked him directly in the eyes and accepted his proposal. He placed the ring on her finger and then they got down on their knees and prayed. “I was completely shocked,” Lauren admits. “My emotions were all over the place; from shock, to joy, to crying.” See their romantic destination wedding and share their love.

Photos: Scrole Vision Photography