Bride: LaShonda Nichol Wilson, 31, Brand Manager

Groom: Steven Ross Brown, 33, Senior Financial Analyst

The Big Day: June 22, 2014

Wedding Location: Addison Park, Aberdeen Township, New Jersey

The Perfect Partnership
In 2007, Shonda and Steve were both working at a Citibank location when they first met. She was a personal banker at the time and he was a business banker who she frequently collaborated with when they made client visits together. Their chemistry on the job was undeniable and they quickly became friends. They started spending time together with large groups during their time off and it became apparent that their was much more to their connection than just friendship. Their bond only grew stronger and they began attending church together. It turns out they had more in common than they ever could have imagined and they both agreed it was time to take their relationship to the next level. By 2011 they were officially a couple who were beginning their relationship on top of a beautiful foundation of friendship and trust.

Enjoy The Moment
One evening after a tough day at work, Shonda came home hoping to find Steve ready to pamper her with good music, relaxation and one of his famous massages. She was disappointed to find that he was only willing to rub her shoulders with one hand because he was engrossed in a Martin marathon on TV. (It’s his favorite show.) She quickly expressed her disappointment and insisted that he do better. Of course, he loves her so much that he turned off the television and quickly obliged. While he was giving her a great back massage, she began to fall asleep. Right before she dozed off completely he said something that perked her interest: “”Shonda, I love you.” She thought he was kidding, so she made a joke and told him to continue. “Shonda, I want to spend my life with you,” he continued. “I must have been dreaming because any other day he would never have a full conversation with me while massaging my back,” Shonda recalls. That’s when he asked her the biggest question of her life. “Shonda, will you marry me?” She happily accepted.

Photos: Your Endless Memories

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