Bride: Lacy Rene Mitchell, 33, Clinical Research Professional

Groom: Eric Thomas Reese, 37, Marketing and Sales Professional

Married On: August 13, 2011

Wedding Location: Seattle, Washington, Pan Pacific Hotel

Wedding Style: Modern Romance

Position Filled
In July of 2007, when Lacy traveled from her home in Los Angeles to Raleigh, North Carolina for a job interview, she was hoping to land a new gig, not a husband. But, as fate would have it, during her visit she attended a party at her cousin’s house and wound up in the middle of an amazing conversation with a guy named Eric, he would become her future husband. “We hit it off immediately,” says Lacy. “In fact, my husband told me that I was the one for him shortly after we met.” Unfortunately, their timing couldn’t be worse, and so they ignored the undeniable chemistry between them and went their separate ways. Three years later they reconnected and went for a drink at a little pub, a night they would refer to as their first date from then on. This time, they decided to make it work.

Happy Halloween
On Halloween, Eric had a trick up of his sleeve for Lacy that he knew would be a real treat. After a full morning of activities, Lacy only wanted to relax a little. Eric insisted they head back out, so she reluctantly agreed and began getting ready. After she was all dressed she turned to find Eric on bended knee and ready to propose. “The proposal was simple, heartfelt, and beautiful,” she tells us. “He asked me to do him the honor of becoming his wife.” They’d discussed rings and marriage for some time, but she had no idea just eight months after they began dating he’d be ready to go all in. Lacy was thrilled. The following summer they were married in a modern affair in Seattle. Share their love!

Photos: Photography by Jenny J

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