Bride: LaChelle Erica Robinson, 27, Office Manager

Groom: Larry Lewis Sessoms Jr., 31, Sales Manager

Married On: May 19, 2012

Wedding Location: Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, The Gran Melia

Wedding Style: Tropical

Love At First Sight
Whether you believe or not, it’s safe to say, some pretty strange and unexpected things often happen on Friday the 13th. For LaChelle, on that very date in 2007 she met her future husband in the last place she ever expected: a crowded parking lot. On that April night, she and a few girlfriends headed out to Atlanta nightclub Compound for an evening of fun. They had a fabulous time, and when the party was over, they piled into a friend’s car in the parking lot to head home. It was pretty crowded, so they wound up stuck in traffic trying to get out. That’s when they noticed a street vendor grilling and selling BBQ in the lot. It smelled so good the ladies just had to yell out, “How much?” Larry and his friends had just purchased sandwiches, so he walked over to the car to say hello. That’s when he and LaChelle first caught a glimpse of each other. “At that very second and from then on, we couldn’t keep our eyes off each other,” she recalls. For the happy couple, it was truly love at first sight.

Back to the Beginning
Larry and LaChelle went to Atlanta’s beautiful Olympic Centennial Park for their very first date and that’s where they posed for their first photograph together. On Halloween afternoon 2010, after running around all morning looking for last-minute costumes, they wound up back at the park having an impromptu picnic lunch. (It was Larry’s romantic idea!) “After our nice lunch, Larry took my hand and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him,” LaChelle tells us. “Tears of joy filled my eyes, and I said yes.” Larry knew all along that he wanted to ask for her hand in marriage in the same spot where they first fell madly in love. A year and a half later they made it official during a destination-wedding weekend to be remembered in Puerto Rico. Share their love!

Photos: Taun Henderson