Bride: Karel Elizabeth Hooper, 33, Advertising
Groom: Joseph Anthony Fulco, 32, Architect
The Big Day: 8/22/2015

Location: Teaneck, New Jersey and New York, New York
Style: Classic and Elegant

When You Know, You Know

Some love stories happen just like the ones in the movies. Girl walks into the bar and Guy goes, too. They’re perfect strangers who happen to have amazing chemistry and before the night is over love brings them together.

That’s exactly what happened to Karel and Joseph in a pub on St. Patrick’s Day. They connected instantly and remained true ever since. While they weren’t looking for love when they found it, they knew they’d stumbled upon a good thing so they wouldn’t dare let it go. Because of this, Joseph made plans to propose in a way that was just about the two of them: three days before Karel’s birthday on a Saturday afternoon over lunch in his apartment. 

Things didn’t quite go as planned for Joseph because Karel had her heart set on some afternoon shopping and was completely blind to the clues that he was prepping to get down on bended knee. Thankfully she was thrilled he asked and she said “yes.” 

See their August “I dos” with classic and elegant elements that beautifully showcase their love story. 

Photos by Kesha Lambert Photography

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