Bride: Kamilah Forbes, 37, Theater and TV Director/Producer

Groom: Lamar Fenton, 39, Real Estate Development/Finance

The Big Day: October 25, 2014

Wedding Location: Rockhouse Hotel, Negril, Jamaica

Wedding Style: Rustic Elegance

A Match Made In Heaven
When Kamilah and Lamar first met at their mutual friends’ Ladawn and Brock’s wedding in Barbados, they thought it was pure coincidence. They would later learn that the couple had tried to set them up on several occasions a few years prior, but had never managed to succeed at their grand matchmaking plans until that wedding weekend. The moment Kamilah and Lamar hit the dance floor sparks began to fly. It was their shared love of dance that made them first take notice of each other, but it was all that they had in common that drew their hearts to one another.

How Sweet It Is
Sometimes the sweetest proposals are those that the bride never even sees coming. Such was the case on the day that Lamar asked Kamilah to spend forever by his side. It was super early on a Sunday morning and the couple had just wrapped a Skype call with Kamilah’s mom, uncle and grandma in Chicago. Still wearing her head scarf, Kamilah went into the kitchen to start breakfast while Lamar walked into the living room and turned on some music. “I could hear Sade playing,” Kamilah recalls. “He called to me and then pulled a ring box from his pocket. He began to tell me the story of my great grandfather and how he traveled to Cuba from Jamaica, and worked cutting sugarcane in the cane fields while he was there to save enough money to buy a plot of land back home in Jamaica. He told me how he bought a ring for his future bride (my great grandmother) and this was the beginning of their life together.” That’s when Lamar pulled that very same ring out of the box and presented it to Kamilah. She was overwhelmed with emotion. “I was sobbing, because I had never heard that story before, and my family means the world to me,” she shares. “It was so touching that I couldn’t stop sobbing, but I did stop just enough to say ‘yes!’” See their romantic Jamaica “I dos” and share their love.

Photos: Dwayne Watkins Photography

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