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Bridal Bliss: A Picture-Perfect Love

Kahran met the man of her dreams, Regis, online when she least expected it. The two lived on opposite coasts, but gave love a shot.
Bride: Kahran Hill Bethencourt, 31, Design Team Manager

Groom: Regis Bethencourt, 34, Photographer

Married On: September 3, 2011

Wedding Location: Porterdale Mill in Porterdale, GA

Wedding Theme: Natural Glam

We Have Something in Common
Conventional wisdom tells us we don’t have to look for love to find it. Kahran Hill met the man of her dreams while learning new tricks and tips in an online graphic designer forum. “Regis was one of the moderators of the forum and he reached out to me to wish me a happy birthday,” she recalls. “His humor interested me and we started chatting online.” Fresh out of a long-distance relationship, Kahran, who lived in Oregon at the time, wasn’t convinced she wanted to date a guy living on the opposite coast. But Regis’ charm won her over and she allowed herself to fall for the cute guy from Maryland.

Through the Lens of Love
Neither Kahran nor Regis were fans of a long distance relationship, but they made it work by believing in their love and cherishing each moment they could spend together. ”I think it made us stronger as a couple,” admits Kahran. “During each visit, we would go on ‘photo dates,’ where we captured photos of each other to last us until our next visit.” It was sharing fun-loving ideas like this one that helped the happy couple realize they’d found forever in each other. A year and a half later, Reg moved to Oregon to be with Kahran, and a few years later they settled into a new home together in Atlanta to be closer to family and friends.

Mixing Business with Pleasure
Kahran and Regis became so great at snapping photos of each other they decided to go into business for themselves and turn their little hobby into big business, so together they launched Creative Soul Photography. One day, while out working on a couple’s anniversary shoot, Kahran noticed the client had pulled out an engagement ring. Confused, she kept shooting. “At the time, I didn’t realize the ring was for me,” she remembers. “I figured it was an anniversary gift for the client’s wife. That’s when Reg grabbed the ring, got down on one knee, and proposed. After that, everything was a blur.” Eleven months later, they stepped back in front of the cameras and said, “I do.” Share their love.

Photos: Caroline Fontenot Photography