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Bridal Bliss: Just Us Three

When Jessica met Derrick she knew instantly that he would be her husband one day. There was just one more test to pass: Her son, Landry, had to approve. He did, and their long distance love story began. See their romantic Texas wedding and share their love!  

Bride: Jessica Nicole Stephens, 28, Personal Banker

Groom: Derrick Nathaniel Hood 36, Field Service Engineer

Married On: September 28, 2013

Ceremony Location: Marty Leonard Chapel, Fort Worth, TX

Reception Location: Joe T. Garcia’s, Fort Worth, TX

Wedding Style: Traditional Elegance

Going the Distance
When Jessica and Derrick first met they actually lived almost 1,050 miles apart. She was living in Charlotte, North Carolina while he resided in Arlington, Texas. Little did they know, a friend’s birthday invite to Houston for the weekend would forever change their fate. Jessica and Derrick were showed up individually to help their friend Lisa celebrate her birthday weekend with friends. They went out as a group and it was very obvious that a budding chemistry between Jessica and Derrick had begun to form. On the second day, the group reunited and Jessica and Derrick exchanged steamy stares once again; this time a playful flirting fest ensued. “By that evening, we were inseparable,” Jessica admits. Derrick invited her to have a drink with him the following evening and she happily accepted. Their date was like something out of a romantic movie. “By the end of the night, we were having intimate life conversations and we stayed up until six in the morning giggling and chatting,” admits Jessica. “That night I told my friends and family that he was my future husband and he told me that he did the same. Who knew that we were speaking our futures into reality?” Although they lived miles apart, Jessica and Derrick managed to keep the love alive long distance. It was the beginning of something beautiful.

Making It Work
Over the next year, Jessica and Derrick took turns traveling to see each other and visit each other’s friends and family. They continued to get to know each other better and it became clear that their love was truly like no other. A proposal was soon to follow but there was just one test left to pass: “Everyone knew if Derrick didn’t get along with Landry, my son, he was not going to make the cut, but God had a plan for all of us,” Jessica shares. Landry approved and then on October 15, 2011 Derrick popped the question during a visit with Jessica to a North Carolina A&T homecoming game. Jessica was on cloud nine as he got down on bended knee in front of everyone there. Share their love and see their spectacular wedding photos!

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