Bride: Jessica rae Dobson, 30, Special Education Teacher

Groom: Aaron Preston Spears, 35, Professional Musician

Married On: March 31, 2012

Wedding Location: Gaithersburg, Maryland

Wedding Style: Romantic Elegance

Divine Intervention

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When your stress levels rise and enough is enough, there’s never any place like going home. In March 2006, Jessica, who was working on her master’s degree at the time, realized she needed a break from it all, so she packed up her car and drove home to Gaithersburg, Georgia for the weekend. Aaron, a professional musician who also lived out of state, planned to be in town for the weekend as well, but was a bit more reluctant to go. A gospel artist asked him to be his percussionist, but because the gig was hours away, Aaron almost declined the offer. Thankfully, God had bigger plans for him that weekend.

“During the concert, I was in the audience and Aaron was preparing to take the stage,” says Jessica. “It was crazy how we made eye contact. He remembered me from years ago, and at the end of the service he looked for me.” After having a woman from the church help him track down Jessica, Aaron finally got his chance to say hello. Jessica says he tried to play it cool, but she could tell he was already falling for her, and she was feeling him too.

Like Something Out of A Movie

A traditional gentleman at heart, after dating Jessica for three years Aaron knew it was time to ask for her hand in marriage and he would need her parents permission first. After getting the okay from Mom, he set his proposal plan into motion. Aaron asked Jessica to attend a friend’s independent film screening with him at a local theater because he didn’t’ want to go alone. Jessica, being the sweetheart she is, agreed to support her man even though he warned her that it could be a boring night.

They sat down for the film and things quickly got interesting when Jessica saw Aaron’s face pop up on screen during the last movie preview. There Aaron was on the big screen in a pre-recorded video telling Jessica that he “doesn’t know why she hasn’t dumped him yet, but he’s so glad” and giving a heartfelt video proposal that took her breath away. As the lights came up, Aaron stood next to her with a ring in hand, and she realized all the random people she thought were strangers in the theater were actually their close friends and family members. “I was speechless,” she tells us. “Definitely a ball of emotions. It’s a feeling that I will never forget.”

Join us as we congratulate the happy couple and share their love.

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