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Bridal Bliss: Jennifer and Keith’s Modern Georgia Wedding

Jennifer met the man of her dreams on a last-minute girlfriends' getaway when he showed up with a friend to pick them up at the airport. It was love at first sight and now they’re thrilled to call each other husband and wife. See their modern wedding style—complete with a purple wedding dress!—and share their love.

Bride: Jennifer M. Morris, 44, Studio Salon Owner/Stylist

Groom: Keith Coffee, 41, Entrepreneur

The Big Day: August 3, 2014

Wedding Location: Riverside Epicenter, Austell, GA

Wedding Style: A Modern Cosmopolitan Affair

Just Like That
The next time your girlfriends call you up and insist on a spur of the moment trip, you may want to take them up on the offer. You never know what unexpected surprises might pop up along your adventure. For new bride Jennifer, she found a man on her trip. She and her girlfriends were visiting Miami and needed a ride from the airport. One of them called a friend to pick them up and guess who he brought along with him? Jennifer’s future husband Keith. Just like that, on the way from the airport to the hotel, her entire life changed.

Birthday Love
Keith is from Miami so he knows it well. For Jennifer’s birthday, he booked them a getaway to his hometown and made special plans for them to have a weekend of romance and fun in the sun. On their way to dinner at a waterside restaurant in Coconut Grove, Jennifer and Keith spotted a rainbow as it started to drizzle. She turned to him and said, “Aww, babe, look at God smiling at us on my birthday, this is perfect!” They laughed. “Dinner was beautiful,” she recalls. “We sat outside and enjoyed the breeze.” That’s when she noticed that their conversation had taken a special and serious turn. “We spoke about how we loved each other and our future and then I mentioned to him how I appreciated him for the trip and it was all so beautiful,” she shares. “That’s when our waiter brought out the dessert plate with a slice of key lime pie drizzled with ‘Happy Birthday’ in chocolate.” Keith seized the moment and dropped down on bended knee. He pulled out a ring box and Jennifer screamed, “Oh my God!” She had no idea he was planning to propose. His hands began to shake as she graciously accepted his proposal. “Will you be my wife?” he asked. “Yes!” she answered with happy tears streaming down her face. See their romantic wedding style and share their love!

Photos: Janelle C. Photography

Planner: Jan McBee of La Fete Weddings