Bride: Jennifer Eloise Woodley, 31, Grants Coordinator

Groom: Devin Akeym Joah Woodley, 32, Business Owner

Married Since: August 12, 2011

Wedding Location: Brooklyn, NY

Wedding Theme: Caribbean elegance meets city chic

Bad Timing
Back in October 2002 when Jennifer agreed to meet her friends for dinner one night, she had no idea it would be the night she was introduced to her future husband. Her best friend Michelle brought her cousin Devin along, who was visiting from Canada. He and Jennifer didn’t hit it off right away, but they were able to start a friendship and they often hung out during the year he spent in New York. Friends hinted that he might have a crush on her, but Jennifer chose to ignore any sparks between them because she knew he’d have to return to Canada.

A Second Chance at Love
In 2006 Jennifer was headed to Canada for a Caribbean festival and needed a place to stay. Michelle arranged for her to stay with her family – which was also Devin’s family – and just like that the pair had a second chance at love. This time it stuck, and for the next five years they worked hard at making their long distance love affair work. “We are proof that a long distance relationship can work,” says Jennifer. “Back then, the phone companies and airlines knew us well.”

Is This for Real?
Jennifer was so surprised to see Devin down on one-knee in the ocean during their 2010 Barbados getaway, that she didn’t even believe he was actually proposing. It wasn’t until she saw his mood change that she realized she’d messed up. “Did you really just propose to me on the beach?” she asked him. When he told her yes, Jennifer asked Devin why he hadn’t pulled out a ring. That’s when the ring box finally came out and right there in the middle of paradise Jennifer and Devin began their journey to the altar. Share their love!

Photos by Joshua Dwain Photography

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