Bride: Janine Sarai Rubenstein, 26, Journalist

Groom: Douglas Alexander Rubenstein, 26, Financial Analyst

Married Since: August 21, 2011

Wedding Location: Los Angeles River Center and Gardens

Wedding Style: A Whimsical Garden Affair

Computer Love
Facebook has a terrible reputation for ruining relationships, but every now and then the reverse happens, and the site plays matchmaker for two people who otherwise might never have met.  Soulmates Janine, 26, a New-York based journalist, and Doug, 26, a financial analyst, have the site to thank for bringing them together in early 2008. Both had recently graduated college on opposite coasts — Janine from UC Berkeley, and Doug from Wesleyan University in Connecticut.

“Doug had just moved from New Jersey to San Francisco to start a job and he didn’t know anyone on the west coast,” says Janine. “After connecting with some of his local Sigma fraternity brothers and ‘friending’ them on Facebook, he came across my Facebook page. He saw my profile picture and ‘poked’ me.”

The Greek Connection
Sweet aka Janine could have just ignored this random guy’s message, but since she was a close friend of one of his frat brothers, something told her to just write back and see what happened. It was a good call. The chemistry was instant. They messaged back and forth for days and made plans to meet up at a local holiday party. An official first date soon followed, and by Valentine’s Day they were officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

Farewell My Love
Fast-forward to two years later, at Janine’s 25th birthday. She and Doug were living in Los Angeles while she completed grad school. Janine landed a reporting internship in South Africa, which she was thrilled about, even though she wouldn’t get to say goodbye to her family, who lived six hours away. Her semester finals fell on her actual birthday, so they didn’t do much for the occasion, but Doug promised to make it up to her — and he did.

“He took me to Maggiano’s Italian Restaurant at the Grove in L.A., and when I walked in the door my entire family, close friends, and sorority sisters were all there and they yelled out ‘surprise’,” Janine shares.

She was over the moon with excitement. No one had ever thrown her a surprise party, and this one was better than she could have ever imagined.

Guess What I Got You?
Little did she know, Doug had a few more tricks up his sleeve. After dinner, he handed Janine a Christian Louboutin gift bag with a shoebox inside. Convinced she was about to get another sexy pair of “red bottoms,” she excitedly opened the box. Only there was a textbook inside, and no shoes. Confused, she looked over to Doug. There he was, on bended knee with the same exact ring she randomly pointed out years before during one of their romantic mall strolls.

“I couldn’t believe he remembered,” says Janine. “It took me forever to stop crying and saying ‘Oh my God’. My mom finally reminded me to calm down and say yes.”

And so she did. The lovebirds went on to plan a colorful, whimsical wedding at the Los Angeles River Center and Gardens for 220 guests.

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Photos: Carissa Woo Photography