Bride: Dominique Lawson-Matson, 26

Groom: Terrel Matson, 25

Occupations: Dominique: Sales manager; Terrel: Human resources

Married On:  04/03/11

Wedding Location: The Ebell Club of Long Beach

Theme: A vintage 40s affair.

One Degree of Separation

You know how they say everyone’s connected through no more than six degrees of separation? Well, as luck would have it, there was only one person standing between Dominique and her future husband Terrel. In 2004 she attended a family function where she met Terrel, who was a close friend of her cousin’s. She doesn’t even remember what they spoke about the first time they talked but she knows she laughed so hard her cheeks hurt.  The connection between them was instant, but it wasn’t yet their time to be together.

Back For More

Three years after their first encounter Terrel began popping up at Dominique’s cousin’s place more and more. The pair picked up right where they’d left off.

“Once again our personalities just clicked,” says Dominique. “We would stay up 24 hours straight talking about life, family, school, goals, and everything else that popped into our heads. We’d then drag ourselves to class on campus and text all day long.”

The lovebirds just could not get enough of each other.

Spoiler Alert

Most brides are surprised to find out their boyfriend is down on one knee asking for their hand in marriage, but not Dominique. Unfortunately, she already knew, thanks to the jeweler who mistakenly contacted her instead of Terrel to say the ring was ready. But there was no love lost for Dominique.

“It was still special to me,” says Dominique. “His words and his intent were the highlight of the proposal, not the ring. When I stopped crying, I accepted.”

Stick to What You Know

Dominique and Terrel chose to get married in Long Beach because of all the memories the city holds for them. They once shared an apartment there and battled together through life’s many growing pains.

“We found out that we truly enjoy each other’s company,’ says Dominique. “It’s why we decided that we couldn’t get married anywhere else but in Long Beach.”

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