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Bridal Bliss: Hollis and Roderick's Long Island Wedding

Hollis took one look at Roderick’s online dating profile and she couldn’t resist reaching out. “The rest is history,” says the newlywed, whose Long Island City “I dos” were equal parts fun and romantic. Share their love!

Bride: Hollis Larkins, 35, Sales Manager

Groom: Roderick Thomas, 36, Software Engineer

The Big Day: October 17, 2014
Location: Long Island City, New York

Style: Southern In the City

Make Your Move
Finding love online is not for the faint of heart—just creating a dating profile can be scary for a single woman. That’s why we found it so heart-warming to hear that new bride Hollis met her man online after she made the first move. “I spotted him first,” she recalls. “I reached out and the rest is history!” The couple hit it off famously and Roderick wasn’t going to let this bold and beautiful lady get away.

It’s Your Party, Silly
Roderick’s surprise engagement plan for Hollis was so good that when his ladylove walked into the room she quickly turned for the door, thinking she was crashing someone else’s private party. Roderick lured her to the restaurant under the guise that they would be taking an important business meeting. (Hollis even wore the exact summer dress he requested.) After spending weeks researching and helping Roderick prepare, Hollis was so ready to help him nail that interview, and therefore even more disappointed when they arrived at the restaurant and found it was cancelled. That’s when Roderick suggested they head down into the cellar to split a bottle of wine and Hollis unknowingly walked in on her own engagement party.

Like A Fairytale
“It was a magical night full of love, surprises and excitement,” Hollis recalls of the evening Roderick proposed before all of their closest family and friends. “He even wrote me a book with little cartoon characters that looked just like us inside. On the last page there was a picture of the two of us in a wine cellar with me wearing the exact dress he’d told me to wear that night. “ You know she couldn’t wait to say “yes.” See their romantic Long Island City wedding day and share their love.

Photos: Sobitart Photography