For a relationship that survived five years of long-distance dating, life changes and other tests, its only right that Erica and Greg celebrated their union with the wedding of a lifetime.

These sweethearts started dating while living in two different cities – Greg was in Michigan at the time while Erica was in Chicago. They had known each other for quite a while (Greg is best friends with one of Erica’s cousins) but the official love connection started on Twitter. “After a few days of DM’ing each other, Greg asked me for my phone number so that we could continue our conversation over the phone,” says Erica. “We talked every day for two months before we had our first date in March of 2012.”

Although hesitant to start dating with so many mutual friends in the mix, the two hit it off and took it slow. Weekend visits to each other’s cities helped blossom their romance, and soon their whole inner circle was backing the relationship. What Erica loved most was the ease with which Greg incorporated her family into the relationship. “In Chicago, I lived with my sister and when Greg came into town, he would always invite her to come on dates with us,” says Erica. “He invited her on trips with us and into every part of our relationship. That let me know he was the perfect man for me.”

Though Erica and Greg used a month-of wedding coordinator to help with details, the bulk of the planner was done by themselves. An admittedly “very decisive” person, Erica relied on her sister’s help for execution and Pinterest for inspiration. The memories from their many picture-perfect dates in Chicago inspired elements of the couple’s reception (Garrett’s Popcorn, anyone?)

Check out the best moments from Greg and Erica’s glitzy Atlanta wedding.

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