Bride: Eniola Oke, 27, Pharmacist

Groom: Temilolu “Temzie” Ayoola, 28, Accountant

Married On: October 22nd, 2011

Wedding Location: The Bell Towers on 34th, Houston

Wedding Style: Chic Elegance

Then I Saw You
Never decline a wedding invitation just because you’re single and “without a plus one.” Had Eniola been worried about that, she would never have met her future husband, Temzie, at a friend’s wedding. At the time, she was a student living in New Orleans who happened to be back at home visiting friends and family. He was a local guy who couldn’t take his eyes off the beautiful girl in yellow across the room. “I noticed this tall, dark, and handsome man staring at me,” says Eniola, who admits she played hard to get. “Trying to pretend I didn’t notice him, I turned away.” She and a friend decided to head out early, but Temzie had no intention of blowing his only chance to find out her name. He followed her out and introduced himself. She very much liked his style. They exchanged numbers and became phone buddies while she was away in NOLA finishing school.

Friendship First
“He would call randomly, just to say hello and see how school was going,” Eniola remembers. “We remained casual friends, despite the distance, and I see now that this is because God had other plans for us.” She moved back to Houston after graduating and they started hanging out and really getting to know each other. That’s when they realized they were better as lovers and friends. “I thought to myself, what took me this long to really get to know him?” Eniola says. “I believe that God’s timing is the best. He kept Temzie just for me.”

Dinner and Diamonds
A year into their relationship Eniola already knew that it wasn’t a question of if Temzie was going to propose; it was a matter of when. He asked her to send him photos of a few different ring styles she liked. She sent him the same photo five times – her heart was set on that one particular style. A few months later, during a romantic dinner along the river walk in San Antonio, Temzie pulled out her dream ring and asked Eniola to be his wife. “It was one of the happiest days of my life,” she says. Thirteen months later they made it official with a white wedding, as customary in Nigerian cultures, and a traditional ceremony. Share their love.

Photos: RHPhotoarts
Planner: Dure Events