Bride: Elisha Peterson, 28, Anesthesiology resident

Groom: Justin Alexander Duiguid, 28, IT Systems Engineer

Married Since: 5.27.10

Wedding Location: The Ivy Room – Downtown Chicago, IL

Wedding Style: Modern city chic

The Welcome Wagon
After graduation, Chicago native Elisha got a job in Maryland. When she moved there, she didn’t know anyone and was eager to make new friends. Elisha’s father had a friend in the area with a daughter close to her age, so she reached out to them. The family wanted to help Elisha adjust, so they threw a little get-together to welcome Elisha to Maryland and help her meet new people. Justin was on the guest list.

“We clicked instantly,” recalls Elisha. “He was so hilarious and fun to be around. After that it was a wrap.”

The pair hit it off famously and before long they were inseparable.

Luck Be a Lady
Elisha and Justin took a gamble on true love, and it turned out to be a sure bet. They’d been dating for three years when Justin whisked her off to Las Vegas to celebrate her birthday. One night during their stay, he took her out for a romantic dinner for two and a live show.

“Looking back on it all, Justin was acting a little nervous,” Elisha shares. “He waited until I had my hair all wrapped and I was getting ready to go to bed before he asked me.”

Just as Elisha’s head was about to hit the pillow, she saw Justin on bended knee by the edge of the bed; an engagement ring in his hand. Elisha was speechless and so very happy.

“I really didn’t see it coming,” she confesses.

Three years later, the happy couple threw the city wedding of their dreams. Check out the gallery and share in their love.

Photos: Miller + Miller Wedding Photography

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