Bride: Natasha Olayemisi Bello, 29, Office Manager

Groom: Adedayo Adedamola Kosoko, 32, Assistant Director Of Admissions

Married On: June 20, 2015

Wedding Location: Maryland

Wedding Style: Traditional

When The Time Is Right
Sometimes your soul mate can be right under your nose, for years, before it’s time for you to meet. Even though newlyweds Dayo and Tasha actually went to high school together they didn’t have a chance to really get acquainted until many years later. Dayo moved to Nebraska after graduation to attend college but while he was away Tasha was on his mind, so he reached out to her on social media a few times. She never noticed or responded, but their moment would soon come.  In 2011, Dayo moved back to Maryland and a year later, as fate would have it, his best friend’s sister married Tasha’s cousin and they found themselves face-to-face once again at the wedding. “It was at the wedding and the BBQ the next day that we truly connected and became friends,” Dayo recalls. That’s when their love blossomed.

Holiday Bliss
Dayo chose to propose to hid ladylove Tasha on Thanksgiving Day in 2013 in front of both their families. “My mother invited his family to Thanksgiving dinner,” Tasha shares. “Everyone was in on it except for me!” Just after they prayed over the food, Tasha’s mother asked if anyone else had something to give thanks for at the table. Dayo began praying and giving thanks, then he pulled her away and got down on one knee. “I was shocked and surprised,” Tasha recalls. “I had no idea what was going on, so I turned in circles asking everyone.  No one responded, of course.  When I realized what was happening, I covered my mouth and tears started forming.” Suddenly a blushing bride-to-be, Tasha happily accepted. See their romantic wedding day and share their love!

Photos: Hype Creative