Bride: Dr. Darilyn Niya Minor, 35, Pharmacist

Groom: Terrance Emir McClain, 41, HR Manager

The Big Day: October 11, 2014

Wedding Location: Skyline Loft at Bridgeport Art Center, Chicago

Wedding Style: Classic Elegance

Dreamy Neighbors
Who says true love can’t be right under your nose? Lovely bride Darilyn found it right next door. When she purchased her first home, a condo in Chicago, she met her attractive next-door neighboor Terrance. “All we have to do is tear the wall down and make one large condo; that is how close we are,” says Darilyn, whose bold move is what ultimately brought them closer. “We always saw each other in passing and would speak. One night he threw a house party that shook the entire building, so I decided to crash it with a bottle of wine.” A few weeks later, Terrance asked her out to brunch and they spent the entire day getting to know one another. “That is when we hit it off officially,” she adds.

Birthday Bliss
For Terrance’s 40th birthday, his ladylove Darilyn planned a European getaway to Amsterdam, Paris and London for them to enjoy. Terrance insisted on planning the second leg of their trip, so he made all of their arrangements for Paris. On their second day in the City Of Light, he surprised her with a catamaran ride along The Seine River with a champagne toast, and a professional photographer joined them. When the boat stopped in front of the Eiffel Tower, Terrance looked into Darilyn’s eyes and asked her to marry him in French. “I was confused at first, but then he pulled the ring out on his pinky finger to ask me again and that is when I shouted, ‘Oui!’” As they cruised along the river, strangers cheered them on. After their romantic boat ride the couple enjoyed dinner reservations at Mini Palais and continued their celebration. Just when Darilyn thought there couldn’t be more to gush about, there was. “When we arrived back to Chicago, our friends threw us a surprise engagement party to celebrate,” she shares. See their romantic “I dos.”

Photos: Kristin LaVoie Photography