Bride: Danaka Walker, 27, Internal Communications

Groom: Demetrice Williams, 26, IT Analyst

Married On: April 18, 2015

Location: Treyburn Country Club, Durham, North Carolina

Kindred Spirits
“Demetrice and I met at church,” says new bride Danaka, who found love in a very unexpected way. “We actually knew of each other for several years (since high school), but never formally met or had a conversation until after I graduated from college.” When she returned home, she began noticing him noticing her – looking at her from across the room, and lingering around. One day, she decided to send him a subtle hint just to see if her hunch was correct and he did want to get to know her better. “I friended him on Facebook, and he quickly followed up with a message,” she recalls. “That message led to a coffee date in Starbucks and here we are four years later as husband and wife.”

Happy New Year
It was New Year’s Day 2014 and it started off like any ordinary day. After an afternoon lunch, Danaka and Demtrice went to his apartment and started watching TV. At some point, he left the living room, but when he came back, he got down on one knee and opened a little black box. There was a shiny diamond with a diamond and amethyst band inside. “Will you marry me?” he asked the love of his life. Shocked, and maybe a bit confused, I said, ‘You’re doing this now, for real?” she happily exclaimed. He began to share how much Danaka means to him and how important she is to his life. He asked again, “Will you marry me?” This time with tears in her eyes, she replied, “Yes!” He took a big sigh of relief. It was a moment they would never forget.

Photography: Creative Silence / Donnell Perry Photography

Planner: Savoir-Faire Signature Events

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