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Bridal Bliss: Dana and Mike's Maryland Mansion Wedding

Dana and Mike met in middle school, became great friends in high school and fell in love after college. Now they're happily married. See their gorgeous mansion wedding style and share their love!

Bride: Dana McKenzie Ogle, 32, Human Resource Analyst

Groom: Michael Dorsey Jones, 32, Real Estate Investor

Wedding Day: November 8, 2013

Wedding Location: Newton White Mansion, Mitchellville, Maryland

Wedding Style: Traditional Elegance/DIY

Where Have You Been All My Life?
It’s always extra special when we find love in unexpected places. For bride Dana, the love of her life and her future husband was right by her side for most of her childhood even though she didn’t know it back then. She first met Mike as a little girl when his family moved into her neighborhood. In middle school they were just casual acquaintances but when they got to high school they became good friends. “We were simply friends, no dating,” Dana insists. “If you had told us then that we’d marry each other in the future, we probably wouldn’t have believed you!” By their senior year, Mike and Dana were closer than close, but after graduation they both went off to college and went their separate ways. She went to Howard University while he attended Morgan State University and the distance really put a wedge between them. Eventually they lost touch altogether until one evening, five years later, when they bumped into one another again at a nightclub called LOVE. When they reconnected, they also rekindled their unmistakable bond and a new chapter in their story began.

An Unforgettable Weekend
After eight years of happiness calling Dana his girlfriend, Mike knew it was time to ask her to become his wife. He enlisted the help of Dana’s girlfriends to help him pull of his surprise proposal plan. Dana thought she was going out for a night on the town with friends, but when she opened the door to head out for the evening she saw Mike standing there instead with a dozen roses in his hand. Confused and delighted she told him that she had plans with the girls and she wished he had called her first. That’s when Mike popped the question and she realized her friends were in on the entire thing. After his big proposal, Mike whisked Dana off to Washington, D.C. for a romantic weekend filled with five-star meals, fancy hotel rooms and fun. See their fabulous Maryland mansion wedding and share their love!

Photos: Erik Umphery