Bride: Cymanthia Thomas, 31, Family Physician

Groom: Caleb Connell, 28, Process Engineer

The Big Day: 9/15/13

Wedding Style: Destination Wedding

Wedding Destination: Pier 1, Chaguaramas, Trinidad

Sweet Serendipity
Sometimes finding true love really is about being in the exact right place at the exact right time. Just ask newlyweds Cymanthia and Caleb. When the soul mates met it was by pure happenstance. It was 2010 and Cymanthia had a little time off from her medical residency in Atlanta, so she went back to visit friends and family in Montreal, her hometown. Caleb was in town too, but not exactly by choice. Although he was living in New Jersey at the time and intended to spend the holidays with his family in Trinidad, he needed his work visa renewed, so he traveled to the nearest border to do so. He planned to stay in Ottawa for just three days than escape for a traditional Trinidadian holiday, but he ran into an administrative delay at the embassy and they had to hold his passport for a few days. Stranded and racking up hotel bills, he sent out an S.O.S Facebook message to his friends back in New Jersey. One of them offered him a chance to stay at their fiancé’s place in Montreal, which was vacant at the time, so he hopped a ride and had a neighbor let him in.

With his crisis averted, Caleb decided to enjoy some nightlife in the city. That night he met Cymanthia at a popular nightclub where she was catching up with old friends. They got along nicely, but there wasn’t a romantic spark right away. After hanging out together with a group of mutual friends while Caleb was in town, they ultimately exchanged information and went about their lives.

Game On
Caleb and Cymanthia started playing Scrabble together on their phone and using the app to message each other. Their conversations became so intense, they decided to move them to the telephone. Slowly but surely, a romance began to blossom between them. “There was one point I asked him his beliefs because I was looking for prayer for a particular matter,” she tells us. “That’s when I found out he was also Christian. I noticed from then on that he was not just a fun, funny guy, but that we also had a lot more in common. More impressively, we had things to compliment each other’s personality, spiritual life and life purpose in general.” They had fallen in love before they knew what hit them. “As time went on, we realized that it would be silly to allow distance to be the one thing to keep us apart,” she adds. “We became ‘official’ about two months after talking on the phone and seeing each other again after our first meeting eight months before.” Exactly two years after they officially became a couple (to the hour) Caleb proposed to his love Cymanthia on bended knee in a beautiful garden during their holiday visit to his family’s home in Trinidad. Aww! See their romantic long-distance love themed wedding day and share their love.

Photos: Ross Oscar Knight Photography