Bride: Courtney McKenzie, 27, Digital Marketer

Groom: Jamil Newell, 34, Engineer

The Big Day: December 10, 2014

Wedding Location: Phuket, Thailand

Wedding Style: A Corporate Sponsored Destination Wedding

Love In The News
Newlyweds Jamil and Courtney made headlines in 2014 when they became the first couple to publicly seek corporate sponsorship for their wedding. It was a fascinating idea, and it totally worked. But, before we take you inside their destination wedding weekend, we want to share their love story.

A Memorable Meeting
The lovebirds first met three years ago while attending a young professionals networking event in Courtney’s hometown of Palm Beach, Florida. After their initial introduction, Jamil hung around to make conversation. After the party, they kept in touch. Jamil was very vocal with his interest in Courtney; he sent her many Facebook messages and sweet texts. When Courtney decided to invite Jamil to a fundraising event she was hosting, he knew it was the perfect chance to make his big move. When the event was over, Jamil boldly asked Courtney if he could plan one of the “most memorable dates she had ever been on.” Curious, Courtney happily accepted. Jamil took her to a quaint restaurant on the beach and they talked until the restaurant closed; it was a six-hour date. They started seeing each other three to fours times a week after that marathon first date.

A Very Happy Valentine’s Day
It was Valentines Day 2014 and Jamil had planned a special trip to Palm Beach at Courtney’s favorite resort. After a sweet brunch at her favorite restaurant on the island, Jamil insisted that they take a long walk on the beach. Although it was pretty chilly that day, Courtney decided to just go with the flow. They took off their shoes and walked hand-in-hand along the beach taking in the lovely views. That’s when Jamil said, “Let’s stop right here.” Courtney had no clue what was about to happen. Jamil told her how much he loved her and shared the many things he loved most about her companionship. Since being vocal about their feelings for one another wasn’t unusual and it was Valentine’s Day, Courtney still had no idea that this sweet talk was all a part of an amazing marriage proposal. Jamil pulled out a piece of paper that read: “Courtney will you marry me?” There were “yes,” “no” and “maybe” options listed with big arrows pointing to “yes.” In total shock, Courtney jumped away from Jamil and fell to her knees in the sand. She joyfully accepted his every magical moment. Jamil told Courtney that he chose Palm Beach to ask her to be his wife because that is where their love story began. Aww! See their romantic destination wedding in Thailand and share their love!

Photos: Noi Janthasri