Bride: Christiana-Rose Kelechi Obi, 31, Physician

Groom: Obiajulu Joseph Isebor, 30, Reservoir Engineer

The Big Day: December 13, 2014

Wedding Location: Houston, Texas

Wedding Style: Modern Elegance

Perfect Strangers
Obi and Christiana’s love story began with a chatty stranger in a bar. Yup, true story. Christiana and her friends and co-workers were out for drinks after a late night at work when a woman nobody knew came and joined their group. She turned out to be quite friendly, and she and Christiana ended up talking about eligible bachelors. When the stranger asked Christiana why she wasn’t checking out any of the guys they’d come with, one of her friend’s said because she’s “waiting for a tall, handsome Nigerian man to show up.” As luck would have it, the woman told Christiana that she had a great single guy friend, named Obi, who fit the description perfectly. Christiana didn’t take her seriously, but the next day, she received a Facebook friend request from the woman who mentioned that she still wanted to introduce her to Obi. Christiana was apprehensive, but she figured, hey, why not? The woman introduced them via Facebook and Obi reached out immediately. It turns out he lived on the opposite coast in California, so they exchanged numbers and began chatting for hours on the phone. They had so much in common that they instantly felt like they’d known each other forever. When Obi came to NYC for business a few months later, they finally had a chance to meet in person and have their first real date. That’s when the magic really happened. One thing was certainly undeniable – they were meant to be.

A Total Gentleman
“We had been dating for two years and discussed marriage and family multiple times,” says Christiana. “Being that we come from traditional Nigerian families, he mentioned coming down to NYC to officially present wine to my father (per our culture) as he asked for my hand in marriage.  I figured that after all that was done, at some point in the future he would propose.” Of course, she was correct.  One night while she was sound asleep in New York City thinking that her love was miles away in Texas, she awoke to a phone call from Obi. While they were talking, she heard a knock at her door. Startled, she ran to see who it could be, and lo and behold Obi was standing on the other side. He told her that he had a special gift for her. “As I began to shout, he got down on his knees and proposed,” says Christiana. “And I said, ‘Yes!’”

Photos: Christin Shoots People