Bridal Bliss: After Fixing Her Love Life With Help From Iyanla Vanzant, Christal Said ‘I Do’ To Adrian In A Garden Wedding In Atlanta
Aaron Frank

In 2020, entertainment publicist Christal Jordan did something many people don’t have the guts to do: she appeared on national television to have her love life “fixed” by the one and only Iyanla Vanzant.

In the episode “Taking Care of Business, Losing in Love” from the final season of Iyanla: Fix My Life, she appeared alongside her friend, radio personality Shyneka Richardson, and fellow media figures DJ Traci Steele and radio host Erin Rae as they attempted to figure out why they were excelling professionally but striking out in their personal lives. Christal, who’d been married before and has two children, had been single for 12 years before doing the show.

“Going on Iyanla Fix my Life was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done,” she tells ESSENCE. “After going through yet another disappointing attempt at a relationship, one of my sister friends asked me if I would be willing to go on the show with her. We candidly talked about our relationships and she was honest with me: ‘Girl we need help! It’s probably us.'”

Never one to shy away from self-improvement, Christal set aside her fear and took the leap. She was surprised by what she learned about herself with Vanzant’s help.

“I learned that I’d used work to hide my personal insecurities and hurt. I’d built walls too high for anyone to jump over and too thick for me to break through,” she says. “She helped me see that although that defense served its purpose and helped me get over heartbreak and childhood trauma, it was no longer needed.” 

It wasn’t an easy transition to make, to start breaking down her walls and stop hiding behind her workload to completely put herself out there. But when Christal did, with more of an open mind than ever before, she had greater luck than she thought she would. Taking part in a Facebook group for singles put together by a friend, she met Adrian Jennings, a retired military veteran and truck company owner and fellow divorcée and parent. The first time they connected off of the social media site, they FaceTimed for two hours. When he asked her out on their first date, he had done his research and asked the right questions beforehand, finding out she was a horse lover. They went horseback riding.

“We went riding that first date and have been inseparable since,” she says.

Realizing how attentive and caring he was, she soon realized she’d found someone special. She didn’t have to put her walls up to protect herself, and Adrian allowed her to be her career driven self while also lovingly helping her be a better version of herself.

“Other men I dated would always try to change me or complain about my work schedule and/or ambition. Adrian celebrated my strengths but was patient with my weaknesses,” she says. “His patience allowed me to let my walls down naturally and his consistency allowed me to feel safe enough to fall in love with him completely.”

Christal’s presence had the same effect on Adrian. They made each other better.

“Not only did she make me a better person she encouraged me to be a better man,” he says of knowing she was the one for him. “She has made my life and my heart to have a smile on it every day.” 

Their love story would quickly culminate in a proposal in Puerto Rico (more on that later) and a wedding in Atlanta in front of family and friends on October 4, 2021. Christal, who was so down on her luck in love not too long ago, was finally receiving the happily ever after she deserved — professionally and personally.

“If you want love, you can have it,” she says, “but you may have to do some work on you to be ready to receive it.”

See the joy of their big day and learn more about the journey of the Jennings below.


Wedding coordinator: Brian Keith Productions

Makeup artist:  Jessica Ammons of Glam Boss 

Photographer: Aaron Frank  

Photo Experience: Jay Productions Agency 

Bridal Hair: Pennae Akpuru 

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