Bridal Bliss: Cheryl and Judson’s Romantic Chateau Wedding Makes Us Swoon
Eddie Ramirez

Bride: Cheryl Hescott, 36, Personal Trainer

Groom: Judson Hamilton, 40, Assistant Principal

Married On: 08/17/14

Wedding Location: Carle Place, NY

Wedding Style: Modern Romantic Glam

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Dated For: 3 Years

Engaged For: 8 Months

Love Will Find A Way
Cheryl and Judson were right under each other’s noses for most of their lives, but it took them over 20 years to actually meet. Imagine that. They were both raised in Brooklyn by Caribbean parents in the same neighborhood. They attended the same elementary and middle schools and were on the track teams at rivaling high schools.

She even went to Judson’s prom with his friend from the track team. Throughout this entire time, they never knew each other. “We didn’t know the other existed,” she recalls.  “I’ve looked at school photos of him to see if he looks familiar but he doesn’t.” Cheryl went away to college at Howard University while Judson stayed close to home and attended the University of Rochester, where he met Cheryl’s brother in law’s close friends, who she grew up around. “The first time, I saw him I asked who he was, only to find out he had a girlfriend, so that was it for me,” she recalls. But, their paths continued to cross. He actually attended a play she performed in once and attended her sister’s 40th birthday party and several other gatherings hosted by mutual friends. “We have found old pictures at events that we both attended, looked at each other and said, ‘You were there?’,” says Cheryl.

The Time Is Now
Their time would come. One winter night years later they met on the dance floor at a friend’s party and they danced the night away until they were the only ones left and the lights came on. “That night the stars aligned the universe began to work its magic,” she tells us. “We were still in denial for a long while, but our souls united and our relationship began to blossom.” They bonded over their love for living life to the fullest and started to hang out.  They were meant to be. “We both love God and prayed together,” say Cheryl. It was a match made in heaven. Judson proposed before a group of their closest friends during their annual holiday couple’s dinner.

Photos: Eddie Ramirez