Bride: Olubusola “Busola” Opeoluwa Oluyemi, 26, Clinical Pharmacist Specialist

Groom: Olutola Jude Akinbote, 26, Pharmacist

Married On: April 7, 2012

Wedding Location: Mount Paran Church of God in Atlanta

Wedding Style: Formal

Love Of My Life
Very few women can say they were introduced to the man they were meant to marry when they were kids, but Busola can. When she was a freshman at the University of Georgia, she met Jude, a gorgeous sophomore who had his eye on her for some time and had finally worked up the courage to ask her out. As they got to know one another better, they realized they once met as children at a family function at her parent’s home. “We still wonder what our true first impressions were of one another,” says Jude. “I like to imagine a slightly chubbier, but cuddly, Jude whispered something cute in Busola’s ear like, ‘I’m going to marry you one day. I’ll see you in Athens. Go dawgs.’ But it probably didn’t go down like that.”

The Spice of Life
Busola and Jude began dating during the second semester of her freshman year. “She could always tell I liked her, so she tells me, but I was too shy to approach such a sexy, intelligent lady,” Jude admits. After weeks of instant messaging — remember that? — back and forth, and sharing long conversations on the phone, they met for a romantic first date in downtown Athens at a quaint little Thai restaurant. They had an incredible time together and love took hold from there.

A Sweet Surprise
After graduation, Busola moved to Jackson, Mississippi to complete her residency. During that summer, Jude took a road trip to visit her and they went out for a cozy Italian dinner. When the dessert arrived, there was a very special surprise sitting on top of Busola’s crème brulee – an engagement ring. Jude popped the question while their waitress snapped photos with his camera, which he’d privately slipped to her earlier. Busola was so in shock she handed him her right hand instead of her left. “I was so proud that he was able to save money as a pharmacy student and get me such a beautiful ring without my input,” says Busola. She and Jude went on to plan the spring wedding of their dreams. Share their love, and check out their stunning wedding photos.

Photos: Inije Photography
Floral and Decor Design: Lashe Creations

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