Bride: Brittany Jefferson, 28, Marketing and Communication Specialist

Groom: Walter Shaw Small, 28, Corporate HR Recruiter

The Big Day: May 30, 2015

Wedding Location: Pensacola, FL

Wedding Style: Southern Elegance Meets Classic Caribbean

Party On
Walter and Brittany’s love story began at a fraternity party. She knew of him, but they’d never officially met before. When he saw her at the party, he just had to come over and say hello. Determined to play hard to get, Brittany didn’t give up her phone number right away. “You are going to have to work to get my number,” she told him. “Little did I know, that that statement would be music to his ears. He loves a good challenge!” And, try he did. Over the course of the next month Brittany somehow saw Walt everywhere. “Walt was always there and each time he saw me he would ask if he had worked hard enough to get my number.” Eventually she gave in and their romance began. Their love was a perfect fit!

Sweet Paradise
“Throughout our relationship I would joke with Brittany that I would propose once we went to Jamaica, she cooked oxtails and we spent the holidays with each other’s families,” Walter tells us. “Well for my birthday in 2013, Brittany surprised me by cooking oxtails and the next morning I knew that I wanted to marry her.” So, he set a plan in motion. First he asked her sister for her approval. (Smart guy!)  Next up, he went to Dad. “Brittany is a huge daddy’s girl; he is also her best friend,” he says.  “I admire the way that he protects his daughters. We always had a good relationship, so I knew he would appreciate me honoring the tradition of asking him face-to-face for Brittany’s hand in marriage.” Armed with approval all around, Walter purchased the ring and took Brittany on a romantic vacation to Jamaica, where he surprised her with a romantic proposal during a photo shoot in  paradise. Share their love!

Photos: Cendino Temé Photography

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