Bride: Baranda Jahel Fermin, 34

Groom: Lincoln Christopher Stephens, 33

The Big Day: September 27, 2014

Wedding Location: Dallas, Texas

Wedding Style: An Intimate Home Wedding

Meant To Be
Baranda and Lincoln first met during their college years. Even though she was attending the University Of Oklahoma and he was a student at the University Of Missouri, their paths often crossed during their work with a regional student government conference, and they quickly became long distance friends. They were eight hours apart back then, so their interactions were mostly limited to late night phone calls and instant messages. “We dated briefly in college, but busy, involved 20 years olds on large campuses far away from each other isn’t exactly the recipe that romances are made of,” Baranda recalls. It wasn’t their moment just yet, but it was coming. After college they remained friends and stayed in touch over the years, but getting romantic again seemed out of the question because they were still so far apart. Then Baranda moved to Dallas. It took a year for them to get back into their groove, but when they did, they both knew instantly that this time was their time. “From the time we began discussing being a couple again to the point where we got engaged, was only about four months,” Baranda recalls. “Half of the folks that knew us had no idea we even knew each other let alone that we were dating. I still laugh at how surprised everyone seemed to be; everyone except him, of course. He was plotting all along.”

Close To My Heart
Dallas’ Reunion Tower holds a special place in Baranda’s heart and part of their romantic love story. When they dated in college, Lincoln took her there for the first time and that’s when he first knew that he was in love with her.  Determined to propose to Baranda there, Lincoln knew he would have to do some maneuvering to get her in the building without blowing the surprise. On her birthday, Dec 30th, he pretended to board a flight to NYC for a “business trip” leaving Baranda to celebrate her birthday without him. Her friend and bridesmaid, Miranda, planned a birthday happy hour at FIVE SIXTY, the restaurant at the top of Reunion Tower. During the happy hour, the manager gave Baranda a letter that read: “Reunion Tower is also known as a ‘dandelion of a building,’ a dome of white lights beckoning like wishes. We hope to make all of your birthday wishes come true, so close your eyes and join us for a VIP tour of the observation deck.” She promptly left her friends for a peek at the 360-degree view of Dallas, only to find Lincoln waiting there on bended knee with a dandelion shaped ring in hand. It was technically his second proposal – the first was private and just for two – and of course, Baranda accepted” again. The couple wed at their home in Dallas and their intimate ceremony was a moment to remember. See their photos and share their love!

Photos: The Amber Studio