Bride: Ayana Jamila Roberts, 31, Health and Wellness Consultant

Groom: Savill Collins, 42, Relationship Manager

Wedding Day: April 26, 2014

Wedding Style: Contemporary Elegance

Wedding Location: W Hotel, Atlanta

The Business Of Pleasure
When Fitness Director Ayana found out that she had to take a business meeting on her day off, she wasn’t pleased about it. She was meeting with a national sales manager named Savill to talk about a first-of-its-kind treadmill. “I came to the meeting with a slight attitude, but as soon as I walked into the door and saw Savill, my attitude quickly changed,” she recalls. “My frown turned into a smile.” She did her best to keep her cool while their hour-long meeting turned into the best blind date ever. “We found we had several similarities,” she recalls. “We are both from North Carolina, we’re big UNC Tarheel fans and we are very close to our families.” They learned that their lives had almost intersected once before when for four years they lived around the corner from each other. They even visited the same movie theaters, grocery stores, malls and restaurants, but had never met before. 

They spent the next two months flirting sporadically over email and telephone calls. When they realized they were both headed to Chicago for a business conference, they agreed to have dinner together while they were there. Only, that was another four months away. Ayana was willing to be patient, but Savill had other plans. One morning, while she was on her way to work, he called and invited her to an Atlanta Falcons football game that evening with a few of his family members. Of course she accepted and was thrilled about a chance to see him again even sooner than expected. “Savill, being the perfect gentleman, met me at the gate,” she recalls. “We walked to the concession stand, ordered some food and then headed to our seats, which were right next to his family. On our first date, I met his mother, father and two of his three brothers. They were more than nice to me, and at the end of the game, Savill asked me out to dinner the next weekend for our ‘proper’ first date.”  That “official” first date was wonderful for both Ayana and Savill and many more great dates followed.

A Sweet Treat
“The proposal came as a total surprise to me,” Ayana tells us. “We had discussed getting married and knew we were meant for one another early one in the relationship, but we agreed we would not rush things and wait for the right time.” That time came in the middle of a typical Saturday. Savill started the day playing golf and Ayana went to the gym to work out before packing for a trip. Near the end of his golf round, Savill sent Ayana a text message asking her to join him for dinner. He told her that he wanted to try someplace new and she found it odd that he was running late and just happened to be at the mall when she called to check in. Plus, her family kept calling to ask her what she was up to that night. They shared a romantic and sweet dinner together and then right before they ordered dessert, Savill dropped to one knee and popped the question. A table full of women next to them cheered him on as Savill watched the love of his life agree to spend happily ever after with him. Their Atlanta wedding style was stunning. See their big day and share the love!

Photos: Scobey Photography