Bride: Ashley Joy Causey, 28, Empowerment Coach and Author

Groom: Michael Alexander Sutton, 29, Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Married On: August 14, 2014

Wedding Style: Vintage Elegance

Wedding Location: Atlanta

Digital Darlings
Facebook has become one of the best matchmakers around. Just ask newlyweds Ashley and Michael, who found each other through their connections on the popular social platform. “We were Facebook friends, but we only had one friend in common,” she recalls. “Michael would post motivational statuses, and one day, I felt moved to write him a message to encourage him to keep being positive because I felt the impact of his words.” He wrote her back with a simple “Thank You,” then a month later Michael wrote to Ashley again. “We haven’t stopped talking since that day!” she adds. The moral of the story: The next time a stranger sends you a friend request, check out your mutual friends before you reject their advances.

Lovers Weekend
After spending a week in Benin, West Africa speaking at a women’s empowerment summit, Ashley had a layover in Paris. While she was away, Michael took an eight-hour flight from North Carolina to Dublin, Ireland, where her parents were living at the time to ask them for their daughter’s hand in marriage. He timed it perfectly so he could surprise her in Paris during her layover so they could spend a few days together in the City of Light. “At that point I knew what was going on,” Ashley reveals. “Here we are—approaching our one-year anniversary, in the most romantic place in the world and he couldn’t stop smiling!” Her hunch was correct. The day they became engaged they shared a romantic lunch, then followed it up with a visit to the Eifel Tower. Next they took a train to a bridge called the “Lock Love,” where lovers attach locks with message written on them. “Michael pulled out a lock and told me to write the date on it, then he instructed me to place the lock on the bridge to secure it and throw the other key in the water,” she recalls. “When I turned around he was on his knees with a beautiful smile asking me to be his wife. That day was gloomy but where we were standing sun was shining and it seemed like nobody walked in that area until we were done. The feeling was unreal!” Aww! We just love their story, and their sweet wedding even more. Now, let’s share their love.

Photos: Reverie Artistry

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Planner: The Bridal Lounge