Bride: Ashley Marie Arrington, 24, Master of Social Work Student at the University of Michigan

Groom: Kevin Gerard Blas, 27, Physician

Married On: May 12, 2012

Wedding Location: Ann Arbor Polo Fields, Ann Arbor, MI

Dorm Daze
Ashley met Kevin the day she moved into her dormitory on the University of Michigan Campus. He was the charming Resident Assistant with a killer smile, and she was the new girl who needed help moving her stuff in. They struck up a conversation and he shared with her that he is from Guam. “Though I had to leave to say goodbye to my parents, I told him he had to tell me more about his island when I came back,” Ashley recalls. “I followed up on the conversation and we quickly became friends. Little did I know that the helpful RA would turn out to be my Mr. Right.” They remained close for four years, and then things between them took a romantic turn.

The Perfect Morning
It was a beautiful Sunday morning, and Ashley awoke to sunshine and a warm spring breeze. It was almost a year to the day that she and Kevin began dating. The happy couple shared a laugh and their dreams about their future together, then Kevin told Ashley he was leaving to run an errand. She decided to take a nap until he returned. “The next thing I saw when I opened my eyes was a little blue box on my pillow and Kevin kneeling beside me,” says Ashley. “After delivering a heart-melting speech, he waited for my response.” Only, he had forgotten to ask, “Will you marry me?” Instead, he nervously said, “Take the ring!” Though he was a man of few words, Ashley says he still left her speechless. The couple began planning a spring wedding near the place where they first fell in love. Share their wedded bliss!

Photos: Silver Thumb Photography