Bride: April Graham, 41, Senior Strategist

Groom: Erick Lacey, 45, Real Estate Investor

The Big Day: 6/12/2016

Location: Miami Beach, Florida

Style: Modern

Love On Aisle Three

The day April and Erick met in the aisle of a local convenience store started off just like any other — they were both going through their usual routines. Then suddenly a mundane errand turned into something more. April and Erick locked eyes before walking the store’s aisles, and before they knew what happened they’d walked away with each other’s hearts. The two exchanged numbers and planned a date and that’s when the magic began. Four years of courtship proved the time was right for their love to blossom.

On Christmas Day in 2014, Erick decided enough was enough and he just had to ask April to be his forever. With a present and a proposal, it was official, and two would soon become one. With a gorgeous Miami day in June as their backdrop, April and Erick swapped “I Do’s” in a modern ceremony to begin their marriage all wrapped up in love. See their gorgeous nuptials! 

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