Bride: April Grace Smith, Non Profit Manager

Groom: Donté Eugene Smith, Lexus Car Salesman

The Big Day: August 22, 2014

Wedding Location: Maryland

Wedding Style: Modern Romance

Retweet The Love
Believe it or not, a Twitter hashtag actually brought April and Donté together. One day, while April was scrolling through her feed, she saw people discussing cute guys on Twitter and someone mentioned Donté’s account. Immediately intrigued by what she saw, April followed him on Twitter so she could get to know him a little better. He followed back, but the magic really happened the day they recognized each other a local party. He was there because he saw her tweet that she’d be going, and as soon as she got off the elevator she noticed him. “We locked eyes and waved at each other,” she recalls. “We knew all the same people, but had never met before; it was weird. Before that day on Twitter I’d never even heard of him.” A mutual friend of theirs came over to have a drink with April at the bar and that’s when Donté saw an opportunity and seized the moment. “He came to join us and we talked and drank the rest of the night away,” she adds. It was love sweet love!

Smile For The Cameras
While vacationing in Cabo San Lucas to celebrate April’s birthday, Donté planned a special photo shoot to celebrate their love. After spending thirty minutes on the beach swapping out romantic poses with their bare feet in the sand, the photographer asked if they could think of any other pose they would like to try. April said “no” because she thought they’d covered them all, but Donté had one more in mind. “Yes I do,” he proudly proclaimed as he dropped to one knee and pulled out an engagement ring for April. She gasped and happily placed her hands over her mouth as she radiated with joy. Of course, she accepted and the happy couple made big plans to tie the knot in a modern affair to remember. See their fun “I dos” and share their love!

Photos: The Captured Life