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Bridal Bliss: Annie and Renje'

When Annie saw a funny Facebook post from Renje' pop up in her feed, she couldn't help but comment. She didn't know it then, but she had just met her future husband online.

Bride: Annie Thermidor, 29, Registered Nurse

Groom: Renje’ Grimes, 30, Physician Assistant Student

Married On: 3/24/12

Wedding Location: Westbury Manor, Long Island, NY

Wedding Style: An Elegant Spring Brunch

Networking 101
Remember, back in the day, when Facebook was pretty simple? To speak with someone, you both just needed to be in the same network, and most users didn’t even know how to find their privacy settings. The social networking site’s lax policies made it easy for Annie and Renje’ to connect. They were both members of the New York City Network. One Monday morning, as a very bored Annie scrolled through her feed, she saw a post from Renje’ pop up. Agreeing with what he had to say, she commented on his post with a simple “LOL.” Intrigued, Renje’ began messaging this pretty stranger about things like college and hanging out. After just a week of virtual small talk, Renje’ asked Annie if she would like to come with him to a comedy show. She had a big exam coming up, so she almost declined. But, at the last minute, she decided to go. They met up, and Annie quickly learned that Renje’ was just as charming in person as he was online. One date turned into several, and before they knew what happened, they were officially an item and experiencing a joy they never knew before. Despite their busy medical school schedules, they both knew what they had was special and were determined to find a balance between life and love.

A Grand Vacation to Remember
After three years of dating, one day laid back lovers Annie and Renje’ found themselves with some much-needed time off on their hands. They went to a travel agent and told the agent to just pick a great destination for them. Luckily, the agent picked Arizona, where Renje’s cousin lived and was able to be their personal tour guide. They planned a romantic trip to the Grand Canyon and spent the entire day there waiting for the sun to set. “We got to Hopi Point, and as we were watching the sun set, he tapped me on my shoulder and said, ‘Annie, can I ask you something?’ she tells us. “He had a tear in his eye and started mumbling something in Creole. I couldn’t understand, so I asked, ‘What are you trying to say?'” That’s when Renje’ got down on one knee and said to Annie, “Will you give me the honor of making me the happiest man on earth and marry me?” As you can see, she said yes! Share their love, now.

Photos: J’adore Love Photography