Bride: Angelisse Reshaun Hutchinson, 29, Corporate Talent Management Manger

Groom: Marcus Allen Canday, 36, Military Officer, United States Coast Guard

The Big Day: August 8, 2014

Wedding Style: Military Wedding

Wedding Location: Newton White Mansion, Mitchellville, MD

So This Is Love
Sometimes a friendly favor can go a long way. Angelisse’s good friend Shaza had a close friend named Marcus who was moving to Syracuse, where Angelisse lived at the time. Shaza asked Angelisse if she would be kind enough to show him around the city when he arrived and help him get settled. She agreed and told Shaza to pass her number along to Marcus. A few months later, when Marcus, a military man, arrived in town, he reached out to Angelisse and instantly showed off his sense of humor. “I’m here, social coordinator, so show me around,” he joked when she answered the phone. She was planning a shopping trip and invited him along. Even though they’d only just met, and they were both actually dating other people at the time, their connection was undeniable. Marcus waited patiently outside of each fitting room as Angelisse tried on one dress after another hoping to find the right one to wear to an upcoming event. Eventually he told her she was wearing “the one,” and she was so flattered she just had to buy it. When both of their respective relationships ended shortly afterward, Angelisse and Marcus decided to give their love a chance. It was a smart move! “Marcus and I are so fortunate to have shared many amazing experiences together and I think that eventually I just couldn’t imagine my life without him,” she tells us. He couldn’t either. Just two years after they made it official, he was ready to pop the question.

An Evening To Remember
Sometimes the most romantic proposals require a little white lie to ensure an element of surprise. Marcus sure fooled Angelisse. He forwarded her an invitation that was supposed to be for a friend’s surprise party. The recommended attire was semi-formal, so he insisted that she wear “the dress”—the one he picked out for her on the first day they met. She felt that was a sweet and simple request, so she obliged. On the night the party was supposed to take place, Marcus wined and dined his love Angelisse with a romantic dinner at their favorite restaurant.

When they arrived at the hotel, they were told they had to hurry or they were going to ruin the surprise. Angelisse rushed inside and took a seat with some friends as she waited for Marcus to get their things out of the car. Suddenly, the lights dimmed and she noticed that all eyes were on her. Wondering what was happening, she felt nervous, and immediately began to look for Marcus. That’s the moment she found him standing in the middle of the ballroom with her parents, his parents from Texas, her family from New York and her closest friends from every stage in her life, including elementary school, all standing behind him. Marcus proposed right then and there in front of everyone they loved, but the fun didn’t stop there. Marcus had already reserved the venue for the evening and made sure a deejay was on hand so the couple could celebrate their engagement with a big party right there on the spot. Is he a keeper or what?

Since the happy couple wanted to officially become husband and wife before they moved into their new home together, they decided to postpone the grand wedding they’d always dreamed about and host something smaller first. Seven months after getting engaged, they were married in an intimate church ceremony before their families and minister. Six months later they threw a big wedding and reception party so that everyone could share their love. See the romantic photos from that magic moment!

Photos: JPix Photography