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Bridal Bliss: An Unexpected Love

Alexis walked into an Atlanta barbershop to meet a friend and left with a date with her future husband, Ty.
Bride: Alexis Simone Upshaw, 29, Teacher/Stylist

Groom: Ty Antoin Upshaw, 38, IT Sales/Small Business Owner

Married Since: June 4, 2011

Wedding Location: The Foundry at Puritan Mill, Atlanta, Georgia

Wedding Style: An Elegant Loft Affair

A Cut Above the Rest
The barbershop isn’t exactly the place Alexis, an Atlanta-based teacher, imagined she’d meet her future husband, but that’s where it happened. One winter day in 2007, she walked in to meet up with a friend and noticed an attractive man sitting nearby. “Your shoes are dope,” he said. Flattered, she thanked Ty and the two began to chat. Alexis agreed to join him and some friends for a drink next door. They flirted and talked all evening, but ultimately went their separate ways. Their story didn’t end there. Ty bumped into Alexis again a few weeks later. This time, he made his move.

A Gift from Heaven
A month later, they met up for lunch and realized they were both seriously smitten with one another. Before long, those short lunch dates evolved into dinner dates, and they were eventually spending long romantic weekends together. “We cherish the fact that our love was unexpected, yet planned,” says Alexis. “God, my mother, and Ty’s grandmother were orchestrating some serious things in heaven, and for that we will be eternally grateful.”

Future Plans
Three years later, almost to the date, Ty proposed to Alexis in their living room. They’d been discussing their future together and the right time to make things official, when Alexis turned her back to find him on bended knee with the ring of her dreams in hand.

“I screamed, stuffed my face in a pillow and started to cry,” Alexis remembers. “He pulled me closer and told me how much he loved me and how he didn’t want anything more in the world than for me to be his wife. He got a little choked up.”

Their wedding was as beautiful as their unexpected love. Check out their breathtaking photos and share their joy!

Photos by W. Scott Chester Photography