AK and Tida first met in college. They admit that they weren’t exactly high school sweethearts, just two students who happened to be in the same classes semester after semester. “We bonded over our goals and we helped one another get through some of the most challenging assignments during undergrad,” they tell ESSENCE.

During their seven-year friendship, AK began to realize he and Tida were destined to be more than friends. He was just waiting on the right time to make his move. “AK slid in my DMs and professed his admiration for me,” Tida remembers. “We were engaged one month later.”

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Since AK had known for years that Tida was his soul mate, he suggested they not waste more time and get married right away. Tida agreed and, in six months, they planned the wedding of their dreams. Tida went the DIY route, planning all the details of their wedding with her maid of honor, matron of honor, mother and day-of coordinator. “I must have watched our wedding highlight video about 80 times,” says the gleeful bride.

Scroll through the gallery for the most gorgeous moments from AK and Tida’s fairytale wedding in Maryland.


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