Black Wedding Moment Of The Day: This Stylish 86-Year-Old Grandma Just Got Married and She Slayed

Age is nothing but a number, which means it’s never too late to find love and look great doing it. 

One mature bride put every twenty, thirty and fourty-something to shame ths week when she walked down the aisle at age 86 to marry the love of her life seriously dressed to impress. 

“Nana” Millie Taylor-Morrison shared photos of her super stylish wedding day on Facebook and to say she slayed her big day is an understatement. 

In a gorgeous purple gown that she designed all herself, Nana Millie proves love at any age never goes out of style. 

Swapping vows with her groom 85-year-old Harold Morrison, Huffington Post reports that the two said “I Do” in a Newark, New Jersey ceremony in front of 200 family and friends. 

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Nana Millie’s granddaughter said that while everyone was blown away by the bride’s look no one was more captivated than her groom. 

“The look on everyone’s face when they saw her, but especially the look on Mr. Harold’s face when he saw her walking down the aisle it was the absolute sweetest thing you could ever see!” Khadija Elkharbibi shared. “He teared up. It was beautiful! My Nana just beamed with happiness, it was truly a sight to see.”

The couple has known each other for most of their lives having met in the 1950s and while life took them down different paths, love eventually brought them back together. 

With a dress change and all, Nana Millie showed that when you’re all dressed up in love, you’re the most gorgeous gal in the room.We sincerely wish the Mr. and Mrs. Morrison nothing but love and happiness for the rest of their years!