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Black Wedding Moment Of The Day: This Groom And His Mom Serve Some Serious Dance Moves In Adorable Video

Seriously, you don't want to battle this mother-son duo on the dance floor.

Sharing the spotlight with mom on the dance floor is a big moment for grooms on their wedding day, but one groom in particular took the moment and literally made it viral by setting the dance floor on fire with some impressive moves.

And now, “Turn Down For What” has a whole new meaning for the groom and his mom.

Seriously these two kill it!

But don’t think the bride didn’t get in on some of the action too — the newlyweds also showed off their moves, and well, they are everything and more. 


What’s even more impressive? The bling on this bride’s big day gown.

Shout out to these two love birds (and the best mother-in-law we’ve seen this year) for serving some serious wedding reception goals!