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Black Wedding Moment Of The Day: Baton Rouge Couple Bust a Move at the Altar

What’s not to love about this viral wedding dance video? Watch what happens when a groomsman interrupts a wedding for a dance break.


We’ve seen couples cry, share sweet smiles, sing to one another and even sweat out their press, but this Baton Rogue couple decided to break out in dance at the alter.

As the wedding officiant began the ceremony, a groomsman broke out of formation and puzzled the guests as he hit several dabs across the stage.  Newlyweds Eric Ingram and Shaniqua Lewis Ingram looked around confused, but immediately joined the impromptu dance break.

The planned dance break was a unique and lighthearted touch to a normally serious ceremony. After the music cut off the entire wedding party went back to their places and continued as planned. 

What a fun way to start you life as husband and wife? Congratulations to the Ingram’s.

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